Supporters Galore

Jodie Kelly
Dressage Rider, Trainer, Clinician

Jodie counts her blessings everyday starting with her biggest supporters—her parents, Laurie and Brant.  “I would be nowhere without them,” she says.  “I owe everything to them. Another huge supporter is a student of mine and she works for me, but most of all, she is one of my best friends in the world—Kristine Lundblad.

Photos: Brant and Laurie Kelly, and "the gang" at a special celebtation for Jodie's first Grand Prix with Manhatten

There is also a very special family from Louisiana that has basically become a second family to me, the Adams family.

I teach their oldest daughter, Caroline, who is 14, but the whole family means the world to me.  They are my biggest fan club, part owners in one of my horses and have opened up a lot of doors for me in Louisiana.  I have to say I have a really great group of clients.  They are all so supportive of me and my goals, and they all love their own horses so much. We all have a really good time together. “

"Cindy's husband Glenn Carpenter is responsible for my website, doing my sales tapes, most of my sales advertisements. He is responsible for bringing me out of the dark ages, and truly helping my business to grow." At any given dressage show you can't miss the Kelly clan. Cruising around the showgrounds in their golf cart with pink hats, supporting and cheering for their students and friends.

Currently Jodie rides with Courtney King Dye.  “She has been a huge help this season, such an inspiration too,” says Jodie.  “I still ride with Toine, but he wasn’t able to come to Florida this season.  But, he will continue doing clinics in Destin as regularly as possible.”

Courtney met Jodie early in 2008 after Jodie e-mailed her out of the blue in the fall of 2007 to say she’d heard about a fundraiser that Courtney was doing toward her Olympic dream.  Jodie couldn’t attend but wanted to host another fundraiser in Destin for Courtney.  “Just like that, she had never met me but believed in my efforts and took the initiative to reach out to help, and she did an incredible job,” says Courtney.  “In my speech at that party I said to the crowd that if anyone intended to run for president I would recommend Jodie Kelly to do their fundraising efforts.”
Photo: Jodie Kelly and Wincenza winning the DG Bar Cup class

In the past year Courtney has come to enjoy Jodie very much.  “I have come to respect Jodie a great deal as a person and a rider and to value her as both a friend and a future team member and role model for U.S. dressage,” says Courtney.  “In my opinion, she is what the sport is all about. Support one another, ride well, put the horses first, work hard and have fun doing it all.  I believe Jodie has great talent, and I hope that she gets the opportunities she needs to become a real asset to our wonderful sport. I will help her in whatever ways I can, that is for certain.”

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