Sue Blinks Clinic at Twin Ridge Farm, August 24, 2003

On August 24 and 25, 2003, USET and Olympic rider Sue Blinks will be conducting a clinic for dressage riders at Twin Ridge Farm in Warner, NH. Sue and her horse Flim Flam, an eleven year old Hanoverian were instrumental in helping the US earn it's third consecutive Olympic bronze medal in the Sydney Australia Games.

Named USOC Female Equestrian Athlete of the Year in 1998 , Sue has competed in the World Equestrian Games on two occasions and continues to be one of the USET's outstanding competitors.

Sue lives and trains in Wellington Florida, and is continually sought after for clinics and seminars. Twin Ridge Farm considers itself fortunate to obtain her for one of their many dressage clinics. Anyone interested in auditing this clinic should call Jeri at 603-456-3031.

The clinics start time on Sunday is 8:00 am , Monday start time is 7:00 am. The cost of auditing is $ 30.00 per day.

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