Sue Blinks Chooses the New Herm

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Sue Blinks, a member of the Bronze Medal US Dressage Team and the highest scoring US dressage rider at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, has selected the new Hermès Corlandus as her saddle of choice. Developed in concert with top European dressage riders and handcrafted in the company's Paris workshop in the Hermès tradition, the Corlandus was formally introduced to the US market in January. Ms. Blinks had an opportunity to ride in one of the first Corlandus saddles to arrive in the US and immediately recognized its superiority based on its ability to provide proper balance, exceptional fit for the horse and extreme comfort for the rider.

Impressed with the advanced technical design of the Corlandus, Sue Blinks said her appreciation of the Corlandus is largely based on the 'close contact feel' the saddle provides as well as 'steady even contact' with the horse. "These two elements," Ms. Blinks explained, "allow the rider to maximize the precision of their aids which enhances the performance of both horse and rider."

"The Corlandus is uniquely able to fit a wide range of horses," stated Ms. Blinks. "The exceptional craftsmanship and quality of materials, such as the beech wood spring tree, natural latex cushioned seat, and calfskin panels, allow the saddle to adapt to multiple horses and still deliver optimum fit and comfort."

"Sue Blinks has been a long-time supporter of Hermès saddles," said Bill Whitehead, Equestrian Sales Manager at Hermès. "We are very pleased that Sue has selected the Corlandus as her saddle of choice and we look forward to working with Ms. Blinks to call attention to the new Corlandus saddle."

Sue Blinks is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and is an American Horse Shows Association "R" dressage judge as well as trainer, instructor, and clinician based out of Wellington, FL. Ms. Blinks and her long-time mount, Flim Flam, made their international debut in 1997 in Hickstead, England, winning the Nations Cup and the Grand Prix Special. In addition to being the highest-placing individual member of the 2000 US Olympic Dressage Team, Ms. Blinks was named the United States Equestrian Team Athlete of the Month in May 2000 and the United States Olympic Committee Female Equestrian of the Year in 1998.

The Corlandus dressage saddle is available in black or natural at Hermès retail stores and premium saddle shops nationwide. For more information about the new Hermès Corlandus dressage saddle, contact Bill Whitehead, Equestrian Sales Manager at Hermès, 212-835-6439.

Photo Credit: Randi Muster