The Success is the Journey

Nancy Smith - Dressage Trainer, Instructor, Clinician

But after six years of pushing hard, Nancy M. Smith was at a crossroads in her life and was ready to shift gears – just a little bit. Her business was well established with a regular clinic schedule and a steady stream of clients for both her locations –Florida for the winter and Ohio for the summer. While the 1996 Olympic Games slipped from her sights, Nancy M. Smith had gained the respect of her clients and followers and was given more horses to train and develop. “The success is the journey,” explained Nancy. “I gained so much through this experience and hope I was able to enrich the lives of those who helped with my efforts by sharing the highs and the lows.”

For the first time in many years, summer was approaching without plans to continue Olympic training. Taking a week vacation at the 63 Ranch in Livingston, Montana, turned out to be just the right thing to relax and get grounded again by enjoying riding horses without an agenda – except if you consider driving cattle a worthy goal. That vacation has turned out to be a yearly event that Nancy enjoys immensely.

Horses, Horses, Horses