Success Comes with the Help of Friends

Nancy Pugh Later

Nancy Pugh Later credits Oded Shimoni as the person who has had the biggest influence on her career. "Oded still pushes me to get out there and try to make money. When we were partners, I was the day-to-day person, and he was the business person. I need help with the business, and he still tries to help me with that.” Along with doling out business advice, Oded also helps Nancy with her training, particularly during this past winter season.

Nancy also credits Michelle Gibson for helping her advance as a rider and trainer. “I have had a deep respect for her riding for many years. Michelle has been an important trainer for me.”

" Nancy is a good rider, and we work really well together," says Michelle. "She has a lot of tenacity and really wants to figure it all out. She just wants to ride -- that is the bottom line. She puts a ton of effort into her riding, and I have a lot of respect for that."

Nancy is also getting a lot of addition exposure through her involvement with the online training website, "I am one of the featured trainers. I love the site because it gives people a chance to tap into this huge base of information from remote areas. Reisa leaves the videos in tact, with very little editing, so the students can get an idea of a real training session." Nancy said she's gotten quite a bit of fan mail from people who use the site. "I love it that you can reach out to such a large number of people. And my clinic students can tap into this website in between clinics. But, there are so many places that people have a hard time getting good instruction. This website can fill that void. It also can help educate the viewers so they can pick better instructors. There are some really super trainers from all over America and Europe on her site."

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