The Story of Stoned Chick

Those who know Stoned Chick recall that in 2009 he earned a Top Ten Senior Reining title at the AQHA World Show.  He has a Registration of Merit in Amateur Reining award and has earned a Superior title in Senior Reining.  In 2008 he was a finalist in Senior Reining at the AQHA World Show and Affiliate Intermediate Non Pro Reserve Champion.  He’s also won over $10,000 in NRHA money and placed second at the Quarter Horse World in the FEI division.”

While all of these victories speak volumes about his abilities when you learn about his early history it’s amazing that he’s been able to achieve any of these goals.  When Stoned Creek was a yearling his young life was nearly cut very short.  One night while playing out in the pasture the young mischievous but laid back yearling somehow managed to get himself in real trouble.

“As a yearling he had a t-post go through his body right next to his heart,” explained Breanne Bertrand about the now 10-year-old Quarter Horse stallion.  “He was a yearling and there was a metal post in the fence that bent.   He got himself into quite a bit of trouble.  It went into his right chest wall just missing his heart. “

Eric Coons, Stoned Creek’s trainer as well as his owner Pam Kaiser, were the first to find the yearling.  Eric recalls his first thought.  “OMG” was immediately what went through his mind.  Fortunately though mischievous Stoned Creek’s easy disposition was what truly saved his life.  He remained quiet as if saying, “I’m here, help me out,” recollects Eric.  

“He was up on the post when we found him.   We had to pull him off of it with a couple of other guys.  As soon as we got him down we checked to see that all his vitals were okay.  He just stood there and waited.  It was awesome.”

They called the vet immediately “and we conferred,” continued Eric.  “It was decided that there was nothing we could do with it other than leave it alone and let it heal.  The muscle was completely ripped in the shoulder.  We were extremely concerned about how he was going to mend.    We were just diligent about treating it every day.  And it took about 6 months.  After that we started him up at two.”

Not knowing what to expect they watched carefully to see if the injury and the scar that remained would cause any problems for his future in reining.  Amazingly “it never affected him,” Eric commented.

It was well known reiner Jared Leclair that earned Stoned Chick many of his honors.  And at the North American Junior Young Rider Championships it was Breanne Bertrand that got the ride on the horse she calls “Babe.”

“This is the first year I’ve shown him.  Babe is just too smart,” she said.  “He is a great horse and I really enjoy riding him.   Stoney is a bit lazy so I heehaw to get him moving.  He definitely has a personality and a huge heart.”

When Breanne competes to help calm her nerves she explained, “I have to go over the breathing exercises.  The first day here we had our practice goes and my horse felt very good.  So, in the competition we went for it.  For my turnarounds, he turned himself into the ground."

Breanne and her teammates Thea Arnold (riding PKM Imjusttwosmart) and Alexandra Woolery (aboard Little Devil Whiz) ended up earning the Bronze Medal Team USA West title.  Breanne will be a senior this year in college.  She hasn’t made any decisions about her future but is hoping that “I will always ride reiners,” she commented.

Nowadays Jared and his other owner Katrina Kaiser continue to show the mare and those around him who know his story are impressed everyday with the honors he has been able to achieve.

“He has a big heart and will do anything you ask him.  He’s a pretty amazing horse,” concluded Eric.