Spring Season Increases Competition In North American League Qualifying Classes

Annville, PA - April 23, 2014 - The show season is now in full swing, and riders are competitively accumulating points to try and reach the North American League finals.

The North American League (NAL) offers a great opportunity for competitors across the country to compete in five divisions including Children's Jumper Presented by EquiFit; Children's Hunter; Adult Jumper Presented by SmartPak; Adult Hunter; and Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Presented by Horse Sport International. Riders and horses compete all year long in order to qualify for the NAL National Finals at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in October, and the NAL West Coast Finals at the Las Vegas National Horse Show in November.

The qualifying period for the NAL runs from September 1 through August 31, and anyone can compete in NAL qualifying classes, however, only current members will be awarded points. Joining the NAL is the best way to ensure that you get the points necessary to make it to finals, and annual memberships are only $40 per rider.

As of April 17, Brooke Cole of Rockville, VA, led the Adult Hunter division with 2675 points aboard Poetic Justis, while Marissa Sterba of Mundelein, IL, held second place with 2648 points with her horse Sea Smoke. In third place was Mindy Wurzburg of Memphis, TN, and Overseas with 1742 points.

Cheryl Rubenstein of Bellaire, TX, and mount Riesling led the West Coast Adult Hunter division with 1450 points. In second place was Stephanie Goodson of Beverly Hills, CA, aboard Leonetti with 1219 points, and in third place with 1094 points was Mary Grossman of Burlington, WI, with Benvolio.

Alyssa Scholefield of Atlanta, GA, and Moon River, topped the Children's Hunter division with 2322 points, while Aizlynn Radwanski of Mohnton, PA, and Cute Date were in close second place with 2022 points. In third place with 1288 points was Caroline Wilson of Germantown, TN, and Nose Better.

Sarah Portell of Chesterfield, MO, and Cheveaux led the West Coast Children's Hunter division with 1110 points, with second place held by Sophia Stouse of New Orleans, LA, and Elder with 950 points. Mary Otto of St. Louis, MO, and her horse Dakota held third place with 878 points.

Laura Sexton of Greenwich, CT, and her horse Jessy Du Breau led the Adult Jumper, Presented by SmartPak, with 3888 points, followed closely by Nancy Hooker of Wellington, FL, with 3832 points aboard Corianos Boy in second place. In third place was Rachel Boggus of Fort Wayne, IN, and Wiedam with 2769 points.

The West Coast Adult Jumper, Presented by SmartPak, were led by Emily Straw-Colella of Overland Park, KS, and Filibuster on 2045 points. In second place was Tatiana Eagles of Lamoni, IA, aboard Shock with 862 points, while in third place was Julie Vorthman of Union, MO, and her mount Javert V.

Taegan Long of Medford, NJ, and Pocahontas led the Children's Jumper, Presented by EquiFit, with 2148 points, followed by Tyler Mayer of McKinney, TX and Windeline with 2061 points in second, while Sara Dees of Long Beach, MS, and her horse Talula held third with 2019 points.

Tyler Mayer of McKinney, TX, and Windeline led the West Coast Children's Jumper, Presented by EquiFit, with 2061 points, followed by Megan Hilton of Seattle, WA, and Kilconnel Cruise with 991 points for second place, while Isabel Coleman of New Orleans, LA, and Pistol took third with 978 points.

Cloe Hymowitz of New York, NY, and Bon Vivant led the Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper, Presented by Horse Sport International, at 7784 points. Her younger sister Lili Hymowitz and Little Lady D'Elle took second with 4296 points, and Heather Hooker of Wellington, FL, and Perle held third place with 3866 points.

The West Coast Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper, Presented by Horse Sport International, had Genevieve Meyer of Rancho Santa Fe, CA, at the helm and her mount Coral Reef Wise Guy with 2046 points. Emma Boyce of New Orleans, LA, and Kalinero Du Galete followed in second place with 1370 points, and in third place was Jennifer Gates of Medina, WA, and Unique on 1072 points.

For more information regarding the North American League series please call (717) 867-5643, email to NAL@Ryegate.com or visit www.ryegate.com. Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NALFinals.