Special to Dressage Daily By Father Mack

Special to Dressage Daily By Father Mack - (a.k.a.: Father Larry David McCormick)

Before one of my kinsfolk from the hippy-dippy era of the ’60s points it out to me, yes, I do know that the title I have imposed upon this bit of scribbling is a song title crafted by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. My hair isn’t so long as it was when we ran down the streets of Chicago with the Weather Underground in 1964, but not a lot else has changed.No, I am not about to burst into song. Rather what nearly caught fire were the two (now saved and lovely) loaves of Irish Soda Bread which – without a smidgen of humility – I display in the photo accompanying this article. You may note (depending upon the quality of your eyesight and the resolution of your computer’s monitor) that flanking the loaves are badges (you US type folks call them “pins”) replete with the logo of the upcoming World Equestrian Games.

What’s that I hear rumbling back there in the peanut gallery? “What, in the name of a gracious God, has Irish Soda Bread got to do with this premier competition in the world of horse sport?” A very good question, may I say.

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