Southern Cross Farm in Destin, Florida Looking for a Groom and/or Working Student

Life’s a Beach in Destin Florida

The Kelly’s and Southern Cross Farm survived another hurricane season in their Gulf Coast location with little damage. In addition to lending their support in many ways during the Katrina era, the home of NAYRC Champion and graduate, Jodie Kelly, is in full swing with lots of horses, students, and more babies coming from Holland.

Jodie’s Mom and manager of Southern Cross, Laurie Kelly sent out an A.P.B. to her e-mail list today in search of a groom or working student.

“If you know someone looking for a job......even if it is just until May. (one of our working students will be back).. or someone in a COLD climate that wants to come to Florida, please let me know. We provide housing, stall, training and a small salary to a working student. For a groom the salary is dependent on what they can doThey will have housing, a stall if they wish, health insurance, paid vacation and LIFE AT THE BEACH !! We would appreciate someone that somebody knows already !”

If you or someone you know would like to spend a busy sunny winter working for some very nice people:
Send Laurie and e-mail Laurie Kelly -