A Sleek Alternative for the Show Ring-The New ThinLine© Trifecta Saddle Pad

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Durham, NC-

ThinLine LLC introduced their new Trifecta half pad with sheepskin trim this month. This half pad is the perfect choice for riders who like the look of sheepskin without the added bulk or maintenance of a full sheepskin pad. Best of all, the sleek Trifecta offers all of the stability and shock absorption that ThinLine is famous for. “It gives the rider fit, function and fashion,” said Elaine Lockhead, president of ThinLine, LLC.

ThinLine is known worldwide for innovation, effectiveness and simplicity. The unique ThinLine technology has resulted in the development of an advanced line of shock absorbent saddle pads that are renowned for improving the comfort of both horse and rider. The Trifecta combines Ultra ThinLine technology with a high quality cotton half-pad and sheepskin trim.

The Trifecta design has a spine free channel allowing the quilted cotton base, covered with the Ultra ThinLine shims, to rest directly on the horse’s back. While show riders love the look of sheepskin, many do not like the bulk it creates. ThinLine has developed this pad to give horses and riders the fashion appeal of sheepskin in a shock absorbing spine free product. Riders can now have a pad that provides the shock absorption they and their horses need without the bulk, high maintenance or cost of a full sheepskin pad.

The Trifecta fits under custom and off the rack saddles, and because of the pad’s sleek design, it will not affect custom fitted saddles. The design also offers no interference for riders who prefer close leg contact with their horse. In addition, the Trifecta pad will be available with or without the sheepskin trim.

Like the entire ThinLine collection, the Trifecta molds to the horse’s body as the horse warms up, creating the customized ThinLine fit and feel. In addition, this pad is “shimmable” with ThinLine shims for any additional saddle fit needs.

“Our newest addition, the Trifecta saddle pad, will keep you close to your horse while adding a little style,” said Lockhead. “For riders who like the look of sheepskin but would rather avoid taking care of it, our new Trifecta pad is the answer.”

For more information visit www.thinlineinc.com or call 1-888-401-9101.

Photo: The new Trifecta Half Pad from ThinLine, LLC is a winning solution for riders who want protection without bulk.