Skyline Vaquero, Don Rich Saddlery and J.W. Brooks Custom Hats Join Forces to Provide Awards

Sarasota, FL - September 3, 2013 - Show By Appointment is pleased to welcome new sponsors Skyline Vaquero and Don Rich Saddlery, who will join longtime SBA supporter J.W. Brooks Custom Hats in providing awards for SBA's Championship Finals. Additional sponsorships are still available for the Finals and for the coming year of SBA's reined cow horse competitions across the United States.

"Blair Bynum and I are happy to announce three major award sponsors for the SBA award finals," said Rick Steed, who co-organizes SBA with Bynum. "We are very grateful for the support and look forward to working with them."

"I'm excited about everything SBA has accomplished in its first year," he added.

The Championship Finals take place Oct. 10-13 at Triple J Ranch in Sarasota, FL, and will feature several exciting specialty classes as well as divisional championships.

The Finals will offer over $100,000 in cash and prizes, including the top-of-the-line saddles, buckles and hats provided by SBA's award sponsors. Visit for more details 

Dave Hammond of Skyline Vaquero said he chose to sponsor SBA because of their innovative approach to horse showing and potential for expansion. "We think they've got a really great idea and are going to grow," he said. "They're addressing a lot of the problems that other associations have and haven't been able to change. And they're making it easy for people to participate, which we think will lead to exponential growth. 

"We're investing in a long-term relationship - we want to be in on the ground floor," Hammond continued. "We want to be part of a class organization because we're a class organization ourselves. Skyline Silversmiths and Vaquero Trophy & Tack has been producing the highest quality handmade trophy awards for over 30 years, and all of us here have many years of experience in the performance horse world as competitors, owners or trainers."

When Hammond saw there was a need for additional awards, he generously increased the sponsorship provided by Skyline Vaquero to ensure that champions at all levels could receive fitting acknowledgement.

"We saw that SBA wasn't going to really be able to give out buckles to winners of the beginning classes," Hammond said. "We know the beginning people really want a belt buckle, so we increased our sponsorships to provide that for them."

Another new sponsor, Don Rich Saddlery, will provide beautifully crafted saddles as awards for the Championship Finals.

"It's a well-run organization and it's going to get big here pretty soon," Don Rich said. "It's a new approach to horse shows, and it's going to work out. Everyone I've talked to has been really happy with them. We're very excited."

"The products that they're going to be using are going to be in demand in the horse show industry, especially the cow horse industry," he added. "That's who we cater to. We thought we'd step up and try to get in on the ground floor. If you're going to be a serious competitor in the cow horse industry, you need to be using the best equipment you can put on your horse, and we have the best saddles in the business."

J.W. Brooks Custom Hats has been an SBA supporter since the organization's inception, and they will join Skyline Vaquero and Don Rich Saddlery as awards sponsors at the Championship Finals. The company's owner, J.W. Brooks, has committed to continue his support and attend the Finals despite dealing with personal hardship: his house burned down last month. 

"We are so grateful to our dedicated sponsors," Steed said. "Despite the rough times, they are still coming to our Finals."

Visit J.W. Brooks Custom Hats online at and check them out on Facebook at Don Rich Saddlery is also on Facebook at, and for more information, you can reach Don Rich by phone at (270) 791-6448. Learn more about Skyline Vaquero at

For information on Show By Appointment sponsorship opportunities, contact Mary Adelaide Brakenridge at or (603) 252-1070. Read more about Show By Appointment at


About Show By Appointment

Show By Appointment's fresh approach to reined cow horse competition has been an unprecedented success in its first season. SBA aims to make showing "Fun, Fair, and Affordable" for competitors.  To accommodate those traveling long distances to show and help busy riders fit showing in at their convenience, SBA allows riders to reserve their own ride times in advance. This cuts down on usual travel expenses such as stall rentals and hotels and encourages competitors to make the trip and join in the fun.

Each SBA series includes four shows. Riders who compete at three out of the four shows earn a place in the Championship Finals, slated for October 10-13, 2013, at Triple J Ranch in Sarasota, FL. The Finals offer over $100,000 in cash and prizes. Competitors may also qualify for the Finals in absentia by simply sending in entries and payment to each of the four shows. This system is designed to allow riders a chance to compete in the Championship Finals without spending the season chasing points and incurring excessive competition expenses.