Sissy Spacek and Libby Anderson Judge the Third Annual VADA Celebrity Freestyle

DressageDaily was "on the Scene" Saturday evening, June 15, to cover The Virginia 2002 Celebrity Freestyle, at the Keswick Hunt Club, to benefit The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation for Spinal Cord Research. Co-Judging the Grand Prix Class were the Oscar winning actress Sissy Spacek, along with International Dressage Judge, Libby Anderson.

Over 30 entries participated in the festive evening, a "fun" show, not a recognized USA Equestrian Competition, allowing the organizers and competitors some leeway in the rules, such as an oak tree in the middle of the arena, adding a special touch and challenge, as riders factored the slight obstacle into their choreography.

At the oldest showgrounds in Virginia, an intimate setting nestled under the oaks, and the stars, the audience of over 300, including many other celebrity judges and guests, were entertained with an afternoon and evening of Freestyles, including a costume class, and a mounted quadrille performance of a scene from The Lion King.

Spacek, judged the rides for "Impact" a description not used in recognized Freestyle classes, but a description that best describes the end result of what a Freestyle presents. Who could be best qualified for such an opinion as a respected member of the entertainment community, who is a horse lover, with her own farm in Virginia?

Stay tuned to DressageDaily for more coverage and photos of this fabulous event, and now on our PhelpsPhoto® Tour for 2003.