Silke Rembacz, a Horsesdaily Who's Who Update

Silke Rembacz knows about balance, and it's not just about how she sits on the back of a horse. Each morning she works in her rose garden, and feeds the hundreds of exotic birds which have their own room in her New Jersey home. Then she goes to the barn for the next 12 hours to care for and train a barn full of horses, several imported from her native homeland near Bremen, Germany where her parents introduced horses to her 30 years ago.

“I am so lucky,” Silke repeats many times “To have the greatest owners. They are all so supportive and appreciative, not only with me but each other.” When Silke qualified for the 2004 USEF Intermediaire Championships with Millennium, owned by Tim and Joanne Rothwell’s Winterage Stables, everyone who is part of Team Rembacz celebrated. “They all help me at shows when they are there.” added Silke.

Training out of Wellington, Florida in the winter, and in New Jersey in the summer, Silke imports many horses from Europe, as well as competes for her owners Tim and Joanne Rothwell, and Highlife Farms with the Holsteiner stallion Connecticut, and the latest Highlife import from Europe, the renowned Oldenburg gelding Der Euro. (photo by Ken Braddick

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