Showplace Spring Spectacular Series Adds Third Week of Competition

Wayne, IL - Showplace Productions, one of the top horse show production and management companies in the United States, is pleased to announce that the 2010 Showplace Spring Spectacular Horse Shows are returning to the beautiful Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, IL, for three weeks of competition beginning June 8.

Featuring $500,000 in total prize money, the Showplace Spring Spectacular is a USEF 'AA' Rated Hunter and Five Star Jumper competition series comprised of the Showplace Spring Spectacular I, June 8-14, the Showplace Spring Spectacular II, June 14-20, and the Showplace Spring Spectacular III, June 21-25. The three weeks of top competition bring horses and riders from around the country to the Chicago suburbs for great prize money, superb, brand new footing, innovative course design, and a wonderful show experience.

The third week of competition is new for 2010 and features the Showplace Challenge Cup, a "world cup" format event for Child/Adult Jumpers, and Low and High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers. Participants will compete in two classes Monday, one Tuesday, and the Championship on Wednesday. Scores from Monday and Tuesday will carry into Wednesday, with the entries returning for the final in reverse order of faults. Riders will still be able to earn their NAL, M&S, and WIHS points as they can at Spectacular I & II, with class results counting independently for league points.

While Spectacular III offers an exciting addition to the schedule, the entire show series will continue to offer the best prize money for all levels in the region. Highlight classes for the open jumpers include the $30,000 Grand Prix events on Saturday afternoons and on Wednesday during week three. Open jumper riders can also compete for more prize money in the $15,000 Welcome Stake classes held each Thursday during weeks one and two. A new class this year is the $10,000 Open Jumper Speed Derby on Tuesday, June 15.

Offering some of the best prize money for junior and amateur riders in the country, the Showplace Spring Spectacular series will hold $10,000 High Junior/Amateur Jumper Classics on the Sundays of weeks one and two, as well as the $15,000 High Junior/Amateur Showplace Challenge Cup Finals on Tuesday, June 22.

The Low Junior/Amateur Jumpers will be able to compete for $30,000 in total prize money over the three weeks of competition.  The Children's Jumpers and Adult Jumpers will have each have a $5,000 classic on Sunday, June 13 and June 20, as well as the combined $10,000 Children's/Adult Showplace Challenge Cup Finals on Wednesday, June 23. The Low and Modified Children's/Adult Jumpers will also compete for $10,000 in prize money throughout weeks one and two.

Other jumper highlights include the $5,000 Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Speed Derby, the $5,000 Gentlemen's Invitational, and the $5,000 Low and High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Gambler's Choice classes.

Hunter riders will have a great choice of classes and divisions in which to compete as well, with over $80,000 in prize money awarded for all of the hunter classics for the series.

More information and new announcements will follow on this year's exciting Showplace Spring Spectacular Series. For further information, please visit

2010 Showplace Productions Horse Show Schedule
Showplace Spring Warm Up April 29 - May 2 at Lamplight
Showplace Spring Warm Up II May 6 - 9 at Lamplight
Showplace Spring Classic May 19 - 23 at Ledges
Ledges Spring Classic May 26 - 30 at Ledges
Showplace Spring Spectacular I June 8 - 13 at Lamplight
Showplace Spring Spectacular II June 14 - 20 at Lamplight
Showplace Spring Spectacular III June 21 - 25 at Lamplight
Showplace Summertime July 7 - 11 at Ledges
Ledges Summertime July 14 - 18 at Ledges
Ledges Fall Classic August 19 - 22 at Ledges
Showplace Fall Festival September 2-5 at Ledges
Showplace Fall Classic September 14-19 at Lamplight

Photo Credit: Showplace Production's Spring Spectacular and Showplace Leading Rider Series Ads. Courtesy of Showplace Productions.