ShowChic Fashion Mentor Program Sets the Style


From left to right, Mary Cameron-Rollins, Annie Peavy, Michele Hundt, and Klendy Mueller.
From left to right, Mary Cameron-Rollins, Annie Peavy, Michele Hundt, and Klendy Mueller.

Wellington, FL - There's more to creating that perfect horse-and-rider image than meets the eye, which is why ShowChic founder Michele Hundt has launched a mentorship program that brings talented young equestrians behind the scenes of the equestrian fashion wear world to broaden their horizons to some of the other important careers the horse world offers. “The mentor program originally started with the thought of encouraging young people to explore being more than riders and learning some of the other aspects of their horse world that are open to them. Our mentors show others what's possible, and those possibilities are almost limitless,” said Hundt.

Mary Cameron Rollins is one such graduate of the ShowChic Mentor Program, who is now an employee. Rollins studied Fashion Merchandising and Management in college and thanks to Hundt's program, found a way to strike the perfect balance between her education (writing a monthly fashion column on looking good in the ring) and equestrian sides (debuting her dressage horse, raised from a three-month-old weanling, in their first Markel Five Year-Old qualifying class).

“I'll definitely be a mentor to the new mentors,” Rollins said. “For me, this has all been ideal. I test products, give pros and cons about how they perform, and approach it as a rider to judge what really makes sense for equestrian fashion or not. I can't wait for the new mentors to start.”

Neither can they. Klendy Mueller is in her first year showing in the Young Riders, with her horse, Nikki, and is looking forward to being involved with new people and seeing how equestrian business is managed from behind the boutique. Para-dressage rider Annie Peavy, who is competnig two horses at the Grade 3 level, is also eager to start her mentorship at ShowChic.

“Michele is just such a great woman and has come up with an idea that presents such an incredible opportunity for dressage riders like us, who are interested in learning and meeting new people, to get to do exactly that. From the moment I learned about the program, I wanted to be a part of it.”

Hundt says of her ShowChic Mentor Program, “ShowChic has always been about supporting its dressage community, whether it has been through Turn Out Awards, monthly Shop Talks, or through a Mentor Program. The same people who perform well in the ring can perform well in the world if you show them what's available. That's where I hope ShowChic can come in.”
For more about the ShowChic Mentor Program, click or call 561-319-2121.