Shopping Alert! Deadline for Holiday Orders Today!

PhelpsPhotos is the perfect gift of thanks to owners, trainers, friends and family, who have supported you and your equine endeavors this year. Deadline for PhelpsPhotos Holiday orders is Monday, December 4, (but we can stretch it to Wednesday Dec 6, at the latest) if you want to avoid express charges in time for Holiday delivery.

If you competed on the PhelpsPhoto Tour in 2006, we most likely have photos of you. If you are a registered user of you can view, share, and shop on line. Check the schedule to find out if we were there, as we may have photos. If you are a registered user you may need us to reset your user name and password. Contact us at

Dressage at The National Warms Things Up for 2007

Jan Brons, Nancy Later, and Susie Dutta dominated the FEI divisions at Dressage at the National this past weekend. Read more....