Shipping Tip – To Bandage or not to Bandage?

Jim Welsh at Elite Horse Transport has shipped all kinds of horses from youngsters to international superstars. Long time horseman James P. Welsh has groomed for some of the top equine athletes in the country, travelling with them to competitions in the United States and Europe. When he developed his shipping business, he knew the needs of his clients from all angles. As a professional horseman, his thoughts on bandaging come from real road experience. Welsh said, “I understand the concern for the horse not to hurt him or herself while standing on a moving vehicle, but I often see problems from the bandages. If the horse is not used to bandages, then don’t bandage. When the horse stomps or kicks, the bandages tend to fall down."

Welsh continued, "In the summer heat, it’s probably not a good idea as the padding only aids in making the horse uncomfortable. A great alternative is to use bell boots instead. They keep the horse from stepping on their shoes and pulling them. I have also seen good things with the Velcro tall boots, as long as they are of newer top quality. The brand, Lende and Dover work well, especially if there is a bit of duct tape over the Velcro.” 

Elite Horse Transport, LLC is a transportation company based in Richmond Kentucky. They operate primarily from New York, Virginia and Kentucky to all points in the U.S. and Canada and meet or exceed all requirements of the USDOT for transporting for hire. Welsh also owns a lovely farm near the Kentucky Horse Park where his team extends quality care for layups, turnouts, layovers.

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