Shining performance Koschel, But Happy Kittel Takes It All

After his good performance in Lingen now a great GP win for Patrik Kittel and Watermill Scandic HBC at WDM GP in München (Picture© WDM)
After his good performance in Lingen now a great GP win for Patrik Kittel and Watermill Scandic HBC at WDM GP in München (Picture© WDM)

The old ‘Olympia' venue of the 1972 Olympic Games is the centre of one of the biggest equestrian shows in Germany: Pferd International. World Dressage Masters shares with the Nürnberger Insurance group the same strong Partner as Pferd International. Yesterday the CDI5* - WDM GP took place. Patrik Kittel was moved to tears when he realised he had won this WDM Grand Prix showing the stallion Watermill Scandic HBC to its favour. Red-eyed, partly laughing, partly crying he entered the arena for the prize-giving ceremony to the German anthem, before it was swiftly corrected to the Swedish anthem.

During the test the red chestnut Watermill Scandic behaved flawlessly, and Bo Jenå, the Swedish Chef d'Equipe, as well as Patrik's trainer Sjef Janssen couldn't help but smile. Patrik commented: "Today just everything fitted, unreal!". When asked for the secret behind his training, he said that it had taken years and years, but also emphasized: "Believe in yourself, continue your work and when you are near the top, stay humble and have fun." He also said that the way of thinking of Sjef Janssen had helped him a lot: "Sjef can really focus. I like his way of thinking. You can be happy today, but there is always something new waiting to improve."

Listen to the comments of WDM-winner Patrik Kittel here.

Germany's own best teammember of the WEG-team Christoph Koschel on Donnperignon scooped second with 77.213%, thus showing that the promise for more he already held inside in Kentucky now is starting to reveal. He had his best test ever being rewarded with the best score ever. He praised his horse Donnperignon for his possibilities in passage: "All improvements of today more or less have to do with the abilities for Donnperignon in collection. His passage definitely is one of the best passages of the world. He is gifted for that and already showed its possibilities as a 5 year old."

Listen to the comments of runner up Christoph Koschel here.

Salzgeber gives chance to Columbia

Ulla Salzgeber on Herzruf's Erbe became third In WDM Grand Prix, 76.362%. Ulla had a break through in München in the tempi changes, she said happily: "I don't know why, but from the start the changes have been a problem. Today we had the best changes in our career so far in this first outdoor show for us!" Ulla also gave the recipe that worked well for her and Herzi: "We train a lot outside on a big open field. Than I do 30 or 40 tempi changes on a long line without a brake because of the wall or edge or something. Probably this makes them less horrified for a lecture."

Ulla recently sold her other chestnut 11 year old Wakana to Colombian Constanza Jaramillo, as she definitely has set her mind on Herzruf Erbe, nicknamed Herzi, to make her come back in the top. In our German newsletter we have already reported that Ulla sold the mare to her student Jaramillo because: "everything in my life evolves round ‘Herzi' now. I can't leave Herzi alone at home for more than three days and there is no time left to take Wakana to shows. My entire focus is on Herzi."

Constanza Jaramillo has been training with Salzgeber at her new Gut Obere Muhle in Blonhofen, Germany, and will stay there for an extra few months. The sell of Wakana is a huge chance for Columbia at the Pan Am Games and possibly the London Olympic Games. Jaramillo is focusing first now on qualifying for the 2011 Pan American Games which are held in Guadalajara, Mexico in the autumn.

Listen to the comments of number three Ulla Salzgeber here

Matthias Alexander Rath finally debuted on Totilas and won (Picture© WDM)
Matthias Alexander Rath finally debuted on Totilas and won (Picture© WDM)

Totilas impresses and wins

As expected an excited crowd was eager to follow the new star-duo debuting at the CDI3* Munich, and Matthias and Totilas did not let them down. Totilas made a grand appearance at the warming arena before a crowd that had been standing and waiting under the heavy grey skies of the Munich show for more than two hours.

Matthias and Totilas did what they were expected to and emerged winners of the Grand Prix CDI3*. Even the tempi changes which still had been a problem in the morning training session on Thursday were shown without mistakes.

Of course the pair still can grow in the fine tuning, however it must have been a great relief for Matthias finally to have made his long awaited debut. In Grand Prix Special for a second time they stood as the winners, and even with better scores (79.838%) than at their Thursday GP debut (76.787%). Matthias looked as concentrated and calm as in previous ride, but one could clearly see that foxy smile on his face behind the facade.

After two days competing Matthias Alexander Rath was a happy man to drive home, to rest and to prepare for his next show next week in Wiesbaden.

Watch their ride in Munich here.

Stella Charlott Roth Wins WDM Jiva Hill Youth Challenge

Munich also showed a new initiative of WDM, the Jiva Hill Youth Challenge. The sun finally came out from behind the heavy clouds and the cold spring-like day turned into a hot and beautiful summer afternoon. 21 year old Stella Charlot Roth smiled widely in the glorious sun after winning the Jiva Hill Youth Challenge. This was a premiere in more than one way. Firstly, it was the premiere of the WDM Jiva Hill Youth Challenge, and it was also the first season for Stella and her Horse Diva Royal competing on Grand Prix Level. Taking a moment to catch her breath after the prize-giving ceremony Stella said "Feeling how Diva performed and the energy and willingness she had, gave me confidence to ride more." And so she did. The 21 year old rider rode enough to score 70.316&, giving her the first place in this WDM Premiere on Friday and on Saturday her 72,0% resulted also in the first place.