Sharon Cooper Teams Up with Custom Saddlery

Saddle Fitter Sharon Cooper Teams up with Custom Saddlery
Saddle Fitter Sharon Cooper Teams up with Custom Saddlery

Wellington, FL - Riding in a saddle that pinches or fits incorrectly isn’t a good idea. If your horse isn’t comfortable, he’s not going to be able to perform well. This is why saddle fitters like Sharon Cooper can be your horse’s best friend. A typical baby boomer, Sharon spent her adult life working as a stay-at-home mom and later as a bookkeeper. After leaving the corporate world, she started taking riding lessons with Darcy Miller of Blue Goose Stable. It was instant love. Her husband presented her with a surprise birthday present of her first horse, and Sharon began her real equine education. To help with expenses, Sharon became an equine massage therapist. Along that journey she met such great instructors as Melanie Wilson of Advantassage and Mike Scott of Equine Massage/Muscle Therapy. After a while, Sharon realized she was finding many horses with sore backs. Horses can’t move well or comfortably under an incorrectly fitted saddle. It can cause muscle atrophy or swelling along the spine, behavior issues, even bucking. Riders have trouble maintaining a correct seat and can fall behind the horse’s motion. A saddle that doesn’t fit causes many problems for both horse and rider.

After consulting with Mike Scott, she decided to become a saddle fitter. She completed Mike's Saddle Fit course and met Jochen Schleese of Schleese Saddles. Sharon was so impressed with his Saddle Fit 4 Life program, that she took his course.

Sharon lives in Florida with her husband and works as an equine massage therapist and independent saddle fitter, but is an authorized dealer for Schleese Saddles, Lovatt & Ricketts. Frank Baines and WOW saddles. She is also a dealer for Thinline saddle pads, boots and tack and recently joined up with Custom Saddlery.

Custom Saddlery is a proud sponsor of the Most Valuable Riders Award. For the second consecutive season, the MVR Award, the brainchild of Cary Wallace, the popular Master Saddlefitter behind Aiken, SC-based Custom Saddlery, has been part of the Adequan Global Dressage festival. It recognizes riders who go the extra mile or add something special to the show whether through exceptional performance, horsemanship or teamwork.

All MVR Award winners receive an embroidered Custom Saddlery saddle pad and, at the conclusion of the CDI circuit, will join a list of 2014 Custom Saddlery MVR’s automatically entered to win the MVR Grand Prize: a new saddle from the company respected for a quarter of a century as one of the most innovative saddle makers.

Custom Saddlery fits each saddle to both horse and rider. By using riders’ and trainers’ input, they continuously provide improved designs and styles. Their state-of-the-art facility, qualified personnel, and experience in saddle making consistently makes their saddles the most innovative and comfortable, the top choice for jumping and dressage riders throughout the world, respected for a quarter of a century as one of the most innovative saddle makers in the dressage world.

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