Second Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Training Session of 2013 Wraps-Up at Oak Hill Ranch

Lexington, KY - The second Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Training Session of 2013 wrapped up Sunday at Oak Hill Ranch in Folsom, Louisiana. The picturesque ranch is a leader in U.S. sport horse breeding and provided a great environment for educating the area’s up-and-coming young horses and their riders. The open training session was led by USEF Young Horse Coach Scott Hassler. “This is the first time we have held a training session in this area and it was great to see the quality of horses that participated. Many of the combinations showed true potential for the FEI levels,” Hassler commented. “Additionally, it was a terrific honor to conduct the session at Oak Hill Ranch; we are very grateful to the Freeman’s for generously hosting us.”

The open training session was attended by breeders, horse owners and local young horse enthusiasts. In addition to two days of mounted lessons, Hassler led an afternoon discussion that focused on the development of young horses and potential for growth in the area.

This session was the first time a training or observation session has been comprised entirely of U.S. bred horses.

Participants in this second training session included:

Rider/Horse (breeding)/Age/Owner/Breeder
David Banister/September Song (Sinatra Song x Warkant/Verther)/4/Linda Holste/Linda Holste

Kalie Beckers/Bienvenu ZSH (Sir Sinclair x Eleanora/Notorious)/7/Gerlinde Beckers/Terri Chaubaud & Zydeco Sportshorses

Erica-West Danque/Flovina (Flovino x Latitiae/Laurentianer)/6/Catherine Valentine/Catherine Valentine

Erica-West Danque/Chancellor WAS (Cathalido x Jemez/Columbus)/6/Erica-West Danque/Walkabout Station

Kim Gentry/Leonardo (Landtinus x Rambala/Rambo)/6/Kim Gentry/Oak Hill Ranch

Andrea Hart/Winterfair (Winterprinz x Meriah/Erzsand)/5/Andrea Hart/Anna Whitfield Watkins

Regina Milliken/Romulus (Blue Hors Hotling x Roma/Blue Hors Romancier)/4/Oak Hill Ranch/Oak Hill Ranch

Faith Morris/Ramsey (Blue Hors Don Romantic x Rambala/Rambo)/4/Faith Morris/Oak Hill Ranch

Kim Gentry, who participated in the first open training session, held in Alpharetta, Georgia, February 2-3 commented, “It was really beneficial to work with Scott again within such a short time frame. He was able to evaluate our progress and follow up on the work that we did in Atlanta. Scott provided clear and concise feedback and effective coaching in a supportive and positive manner.” Gentry continued, “The sessions have helped me gauge where my training is as I prepare Leonardo for the show season. Also, they gave me insight into how he will handle the requirements of the six-year-old test in an environment away from home, but without the actual stress of a show. Richard Freeman and his Oak Hill team ran a superb training session and made the weekend very educational and a lot of fun. I was proud to be riding a horse bred by Oak Hill and have the people who were there when Leonardo was born see what a lovely horse he is developing into.”

The next Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Program events will be open training sessions in Georgetown, Massachusetts, April 13-14 and in Lockport, Illinois, April 27-28. Further information on the program can be found here.

For more information about the Markel/USEF Young Horse Dressage Program please contact Hallye Griffin by email at or by phone (859) 225-6918.