Second Annual Young Riders Clinic at Two Swans Farm March 11-13, 2005

Mrs Carol Cohen of Two Swans Farm and Dr. Cetty Weiss of Weiss Family Chiropractic kindly invite you to the second annual Young Riders Clinic at Two Swans Farm in Wellington, Florida.

Clinicians this year will be Kathy Connelly, Steffen Peters, and Debbie McDonald. Kathy Connelly has graciously offered to instruct Young Riders on the benefits of long lining for teaching the piaffe. This session will be held on Friday evening March 11, 2005.

On Saturday March 12, 2005, a clinic and open forum will take place. Steffen Peters, Debbie McDonald, Kathy Connelly and Lorraine Stubbs (international Young Riders' Judge) will lead the forum in which Young Riders can ask their questions concerning training and showing. Breakfast and lunch will be served. On Saturday evening there will be a dinner/dance with the clinicians.

Every professional trainer in the Wellington area has been invited to attend this exclusive clinic. Last year the party was a big success and one of the highlights of the weekend. The young riders were in awe to be around so many talented riders and trainers. Young Riders from TX, NC, VT, MA, ME, GA and MI attended the clinic.

On Sunday March 13, 2005, the clinic and open forum concept will be repeated. The young riders will be apply what they learned the previous days to their riding.

The organizers are looking forward to any sponsors that are interested in helping make this weekend. Last year SHO Clothes and Equestrian Clothes set up their store and donated part of the proceeds to the clinic. This year, the organisation is looking forward to SHO Clothes returning and are inviting other vendors as well.

There is space available for only 16 riders, and auditors are welcome. For information on this year's clinic, please call Dr. Cetty Weiss at 561-282-7495 or email

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