Second Annual Young Riders Clinic at Two Swans Farm

When asked how in the world she was able to get five top trainers including three Olympians, and all USET veterans to do a clinic for Young Riders in Wellington, Cetty Weiss said simply, “I just picked up the phone!” DressageDaily first announced the Second Annual Young Riders Clinic at Two Swans Farm March 11-13, 2005, last November, and then people began calling her.

PhelpsPhoto l-r- Steffen Peters, Lisa Wilcox, Dr. Cetty Weiss, Kathy Connelly, Debbie McDonald, and Carol Cohen

Steffen Peters, Kathy Connelly, and 3 members of the 2004 Olympic Bronze Medal Team, Debbie McDonald, Robert Dover, and Lisa Wilcox, provided training sessions for 30 young riders throughout the country who came with their parents, and over 20 trainers to participate in the two day event. When the numbers soared, Cetty kept calling. Tuny Page whose new property is still under construction had completed the most important part for the winter season, the covered indoor arena, provided the needed second location, where for 2 days Robert Dover and Lisa Wilcox held training sessions at each end of the arena.

Co-Organizer Carol Cohen provided her Two Swans Farm location for sessions with Steffen Peters and Debbie McDonald.

All clinicians then held a round table discussion after lunch provided by Two Swans Farm where they were joined by judges Lorraine Stubbs, Stephan Clarke, and Linda Zang.

George Williams vice president of USDF and international competitor joined the group, where discussions of the new rules, as well as interesting and often funny antidotes were discussed and a question and answer session provided a one on one opportunity for participants.

Then there was the second annual Gala Dinner, Sunday night, sponsored by Dr. Cetty Weiss, Weiss Family Chiropractic, where over 150 guests enjoyed each others company and a buffet dinner of Cuban food. Clinicians had the opportunity to address the group. “I am really impressed with the quality of horses and riders I have worked with each day, and the unique tight community Wellington is for Dressage on the east coast.” said Debbie McDonald.

After complimenting his riders, and the program, Steffen Peters commented on the very early mornings for him, coming from California, only to be chastised by Wilcox who traveled from her new training location in Switzerland. “I am impressed with the focus and dedication of this group of fine young riders,” said Wilcox. “You took what you learned the first day, processed it, and bought it with you on our second session showing your focus and concentration.”

There was also a huge response in sponsorship and support which was demonstrated by banners filling the indoor arena at Two Swans and the fence line going into Tuny Page’s property.

For those who were of age, and had the stamina, the party continued at City Place, where the Circuit Spring Fling was the place to be for both the Jumper and Dressage crowd, a benefit for Dover’s Equestrian Aids Foundation.

Stay tuned to Dressagedaily where we will be announcing the dates for 2005, for this wonderful program inspired by the mothers of two young riders who made things happen.