Scott Hassler and Jennifer Keeler USA's Helping Hands at the 2008 World Young Horse Championships in Verden


American young horse coach Scott Hassler and USEF Director of Dressage Jennifer Keeler were on hand at the show to support and help the American dressage riders.


"Scott has been very supportive and he was super happy after my second test," Hoffmann explained. "He really lets us do our own thing as I trained with Henrike Sommer, but he supervised the whole thing. He is always there for you, personally and as rider. He tells you two or three things before you go into the ring and they really stick in your head when you ride the test. He can push you and give you better motivation."

Keeler also received many accolades from Hoffmann. "She's such a management queen. She absolute got everything ready for you."

In order to improve the Young Horse program in the U.S.A. even more, Hoffmann recommends riders who are interested in the program to go first to the World Championships and Bundeschampionate as a spectator. "You have to see how they ride their horses there. It's a different craft how they are ridden," Hoffmann opines. "The judges should come to Europe too. It will help a lot. The riding here is so big and forward while we ride more on the careful side. We shouldn't be afraid to take a risk."

During the official end press conference, the WBFSH announced that the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses are booked to take place in Verden each year at least till 2011.

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