Scott and Suzanne Hassler Announce Hassler Dressage

After more than twenty years dedicated to FEI dressage sport and breeding, we, Scott and Susanne Hassler--proudly celebrate the birth of our own business: Hassler Dressage.

We begin our new venture following sixteen years fully invested in the growth and development of Hilltop Farm. We make this transition with the deepest appreciation for all the wonderful relationships, experiences, and growth our years at Hilltop afforded us. Designing and building such a lovely facility was a tremendous privilege and will remain a lasting source of pride. Selecting each of the Hilltop stallions, developing them as athletes and contributors to the North American sporthorse breeding industry has fueled our passion over the years. This continues to motivate all that we aspire towards today.

Working alongside and developing Hilltop's talented team, known both nationally and internationally for their professionalism and integrity, has been a tremendous gift in our lives. We will miss them all deeply and wish each great fulfillment in their personal and professional lives from here forward. The many friendships we have gained over these years with staff, clients, and associates have kindled our spirits and will remain with us now through this life transition.

To all, we say thank you; each of you has touched our lives in a meaningful and important way. We are grateful for the generous support provided to us over the years by Jane MacElree, the owner of Hilltop Farm. Her trust, confidence, and belief in our horsemanship provided a very special platform for our professional development. We treasure our memories and bear deep gratitude in our hearts for all that Jane provided, congratulating her for all she has accomplished through Hilltop Farm thus far. We wish her continued fulfillment in its future.

Now we take a bold step forward with the creation of Hassler Dressage, welcoming all the opportunities this will hold. We will continue to represent the sport's highest standard by offering a selection of top quality stallions destined to impact the American sporthorse market. Scott will continue his national committee work and coaching which have been both inspiring and meaningful. He will continue to train, instruct, and will be available for clinics and symposiums.

Additionally, Hassler Dressage has been invited to participate in a truly exciting project, one that will greatly impact the US dressage and breeding communities. This is a tremendous opportunity. We can all look forward to the growth and development of these plans. The Mid-Atlantic region successfully meets our interests and business needs and will remain our home.

We welcome you to to visit as we launch the site this weekend. We deeply appreciate all the support that surrounds us at this time. We can be reached directly and Wishing everyone in the dressage and breeding communities a bright New Year. We look forward to sharing in the further development of the US dressage and sporthorse communities!

Scott & Susanne