On the Scene at the Gold Coast Grand Finale

Lisa Wilcox Makes American Debut at the Gold Coast Grand Finale

It was Olympian Lisa Wilcox’s first show in the United States since returning from a 12-year stint abroad. It was not only Wilcox’s first show since returning, it was her first time showing in Florida, as well.

A crowd was gathered around the warm-up area and spectators were securing spots in the covered viewing area to watch her performance aboard Cindy Snowden's Oldenburg, Dolomit in the FEI Test for 6-Year-Olds at the Gold Coast Grand Finale I in Wellington, Fla., April 15. The anticipation was almost tangible.Wilcox finally entered the ring.

The viewing areas were packed and all motion outside of the ring seemed to come to a standstill as she and Dolomit completed their test. A rider in the adjacent ring, who finished her test midway through Wilcox’s, jokingly commented to the throng as she passed the viewing area: “You’re all here to see me, right?”