The Saut Hermès - Two Accomplices

Nina Fagerstrom (FIN) and the Olympic champion Eric Lamaze (CAN), who coupled up for the first Saut Hermès last year, returned again to win this year. They were the only couple of the class to ride a double clear round.

This unique class took place in two rounds at 1.60m in mixed teams of two. The accumulation of points and the total time of the second round determined the result. Nina Fagerstrom and Eric Lamaze were therefore named this year’s best couple “but only on horseback!” points out the Olympic champion, laughing heartily along with his teammate. The Finn is a pupil of the Canadian: “but now Nina trains me” says Lamaze, still laughing. “Nina did well again this year. Last year I had a fault. Today she went clear again and I did a bit better, so I am the one who is still learning!”

In the end, Nina is more serious: “It was a nice course to ride with its unique combination of four fences. We had a good amount of clear rounds and a nice jump-off and it’s an honour to ride with an Olympic champion.” Her answer to the question as to whether Lamaze is a good teammate: “Yes. He is always lovely with me,” she says laughing again. One thing is certain: this victory has put the two accomplices in great spirits.

Copyright Picture: F.Chehu