San Patrignano - Deutz Fahr Prize: The Big Leagues

Three riders within less than a second and a jump off where only the tiniest error makes the difference. The third prize of the 14th Vincenzo Muccioli Challenge CSI5* concluded with another Italian win. The victor, fresh off a triumph in the previous class, was Italian rider Juan Carlos Garcia, with a clean round and 38.12" on Hamilton de Perhet. The fifteen year old chestnut Selle Francais stallion left Ducth rider Jeroem Dubbeldam and Bmc van Gruvsen in second (0/0 38.15") and Aussie James Paterson-Robinson on Niack de l’Abbaye (0/0 39.01) in third.

"I am truly happy", exclaimed Garcia, "Two wins in the first day of the show, especially since it was with two different horses. Both of them though, are great and I was sure they would do well".  

Was victory sweeter, considering the terrible weather you rode in?  "To tell the truth the storm didn't really bother me. The footing was still great and not at all ruined, so I was able to ride well. It is always a pleasure to ride on such great footing".

In this mixed category seventeen horse and rider teams rode clean in the first round, getting into the jump off. The hard rain made the competition a bit more exciting, but did not affect the technical aspect of the show: a fact proven by the many clean rounds.

  • 1° Juan Carlos Garcia – Hamilton de Perhet (Ita) 0/0 38.12
  • 2° Jeroen Dubbeldam – Bmc van Grunsven Simon (Ned) 0/0 38.15
  • 3° James Paterson-Robinson – Niack de l’Abbaye (Aus) 0/0 39.01
  • 4° Chris Chugg – Vivant (Aus) 0/0 40.26
  • 5° Ludger Beerbaum – Gotha (Ger) 0/0 40.56