Samantha Segedy and Nandino Triumph in the USHJA National Hunter Derby at Horse Shows by the Bay

Samantha Segedy and Nandino
Samantha Segedy and Nandino

Traverse City, MI - July 26, 2013 - Even though Samantha Segedy stood third with Nandino after the Classic Round of the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby, sponsored by Walgreens, she didn't return for the Handy Round seeking a victory. Instead, Segedy's goal was to give Mrs. Ellen Malson's 5-year-old Brandenberg gelding more experience in the show ring.

"I told his owner before the Handy Round that even if he drops in placing my goal was to educate him," she said. Segedy's plan worked perfectly, as Nandino's beautiful style, handiness and confidence on the course earned a Handy Round score of 90 and the blue ribbon, after adding in their score of 86 from the Classic Round. Segedy chose to take inside turns and the higher height options on the Handy Course, designed by Robert McGregor, including one of the tightest inside approaches taken to the final line that began with a two-stride in-and-out. 

"I was really happy with him," she said. "I didn't want to hold his hand too much, and I gave him somewhere to go, but he had to work. That's really my focus right now is teaching him, because this isn't his end point. We have bigger goals for him, and he needs to prepare.

"We made a little bit of a bending line out of the two-stride, but he doesn't care," she continued with a smile. "You point him at a jump, and he jumps it. He always tries to perform, and that, I feel, is one of his best qualities and something that will carry him forward into the derbies."

Samantha Segedy and Nandino receive their awards from the Walgreens sponsors, accompanied by owner Mrs. Ellen Malson, left, and trainer Kim Cosma Segedy
Samantha Segedy and Nandino receive their awards from the Walgreens sponsors, accompanied by owner Mrs. Ellen Malson, left, and trainer Kim Cosma Segedy

Sam, 30, and her mother and trainer Kim Cosma Segedy, of Hudson Equestrian Center in Hudson, OH, purchased Nandino for Mrs. Malson last fall, shortly after he was imported by trainer Chad Keenum of Virginia. "I'm happy to have such a great horse and great owner," said Sam. "She's really excited about it all. She is so understanding of when he acts like a baby, even more so than I am! So, she's really been the perfect owner."  

This year, Nandino has successfully competed in the Pre-Green sections and a few derbies, and they plan to take him to the inaugural USHJA Pre-Green Incentive Championship in Kentucky in August. Long-term, they see Nandino becoming a contender in the USHJA International Hunter Derby classes. 

This was Nandino's third USHJA National Derby, and he already has an impressive record. He finished fifth during Horse Shows by the Bay Series III and was second in his derby debut at The Skidmore College Saratoga Classic II in New York last month. 

"These classes are a big step up for him, but he likes a challenge," said Sam. "I thought the courses were great. There were a lot of options. I chose to challenge him because that's what he needs to do in the future. So, I took some harder turns with him, and he really responded well. 

"I definitely was happy to have his scope," she added. "The bending line in the Handy Round was a pretty big dog-leg in a forward six [strides] heading away from home, and we took the two high options, which was the inside path. He had to grow some wings to get over the oxer, and I was happy he had them for me!"

Meg Howard-Fuleky and Devland
Meg Howard-Fuleky and Devland

Meg Howard-Fuleky and Devland also produced an impressive Handy Round performance, scoring an 87.5 and moving up to claim the red ribbon with 174.5 points for Fox Meadow Farms and Patricia Haines. 

Greg Crolick's 89 in the Handy Round aboard Orchard Lake Farms' Borencio bumped them up to third place overall, with a combined score of 173. Crolick's derby consistency throughout the four-week series secured him victory in the $10,000 North Face Farm Leading Hunter Rider Cash Bonus Award. He'll take home an additional $5,000 for accruing 245 points in the four USHJA National Hunter Derby classes, sponsored by Walgreens, and the $20,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby, hosted by The Gochman Family.

Greg Crolick and Molly Ashe received the top-two awards in the ,000 North Face Farm Leading Hunter Rider Cash Bonus Awards from sponsor Anne Haas
Greg Crolick and Molly Ashe received the top-two awards in the ,000 North Face Farm Leading Hunter Rider Cash Bonus Awards from sponsor Anne Haas

Crolick, of Top Call Farm in Bloomfield Hills, MI, earned points aboard a variety of horses, including Grey Street, Shocktop, Lassalle and Borencio. He won the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby during Series I aboard Grey Street and had two second-placed finishes with Shocktop.

Molly Ashe, of Newtown, CT, earned $3,000 for second place, many of her 165 points thanks to victory in the $20,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby aboard Kennzo during Series III. Kelley Farmer, the Ovation Leading Professional Hunter Rider, claimed $2,000 and third place with 147.5 points.  

Crolick was thrilled with his North Face Farm leading rider sash and grateful to have the opportunity to earn it. Adrienne Marciano and Cloverlane Farm LLC's Grey Street propelled him to the top of the standings during Series I, and he was never challenged. 

"This new award definitely makes us try some of our greener and pre-green horses in the derbies," he said. "And with the extra money and the extra awards, it makes me want to try a little harder for it." 

"Grey Street has been a wonderful horse," he noted. "We got him in Florida in January, and he just gets better and better. Today we had a little bad luck, one hard rub, but he didn't show all week and just came out here today. I look forward to the USHJA International Hunter Derby Championships [in Kentucky in August] with him as well as my other horse Carson."

Crolick is also proud of his students, including those who have stepped up to tackle the derby classes during Horse Shows by the Bay. He noted Courtney Schwabauer placed 10th aboard Lugano today and was fourth in the National Derby during Series II.  Crolick is a long-time supporter of Horse Shows by the Bay, and said it's a summer destination now for his Top Call Farm clients.

Greg Crolick aboard Grey Street
Greg Crolick aboard Grey Street

"It's amazing how developed this horse show has gotten in this short time," he said. "The place is beautiful, and the show is well run--and busy! We always complain when it's busy and long hours, but it's nice to be busy and better than the alternative, so I'm really happy and fortunate at the same time. I have some wonderful owners, we've worked hard and it's paying off."

After Horse Shows by the Bay Series I, II and III have concluded, the race continues for the remaining Ovation Leading Rider Awards. Current standings include:
    Adult Hunter Rider - Terri Irrer - 81 points
    Adult Jumper Rider - Emily Reder - 71.50
    Amateur Hunter Rider - Becky Gochman - 149.50
    Children's Hunter Rider - Madeline Pogorzelski - 70
    Children's Jumper Rider - Emma C. Wujek - 40
    High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Rider - Ali Wolff - 50.50
    Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Rider - Madison A. Billings - 30.50
    Pony Hunter Rider - Sophie Gochman - 153.50
    Modified Children's/Adult Jumper Rider - Erin M. Walker - 30
    Pro Jumper Rider - Wilhelm Genn - 112

Follow the action on July 24-28 during Horse Shows by the Bay Series IV. Competition will be held in all five rings, with the Grand Prix Ring and R.L. Polk Family Main Hunter Ring streaming live thanks to ShowNet LLC and this week's free streaming partner, Alltech Equine TV. They're bringing the action right to your screen every day, beginning at 8 a.m. Go to and click on "Watch It Live." 

Horse Shows by the Bay Series IV, Featured events for July 27-28:
    HJAM Junior, Adult and Limit Medal Finals, sponsored by Equis Ltd. - Saturday, July 27
    $30,000 D-Braider Cherry Capital Classic Grand Prix of the Great Lakes - Saturday, July 27  
    $5,000 NAL Low JR/AO Jumper Classic, sponsored by Graystone Catering - Sunday, July 28
    $10,000 SJHOF High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic - Sunday, July 28
    $10,000 Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Children's/Adult Jumper Prix - Sunday, July 28

Special Exhibitor functions this week include the Wine & Cheese Social on Thursday, with wines from Verterra Winery in Leland, MI, sponsored by Plante Moran Financial Advisors. The ice cream socials will be sponsored by CMJ Sporthorse LLC on the weekdays & the Gochman Family over the weekend. The "Hay Day" Michigan Horse Welfare Fundraiser and Silent Auction Dinner, sponsored by Meijer, will be held on Saturday, and the Morgan Stanley VIP/Sponsor Luncheon will be held on Sunday afternoon.
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