For Sale-Breeding and Dressage Pony Stallion

Volltreffer 5 is your hit to combine a breeding career with top level dressage competition. He became a premium colt as weanling in his year of birth: 1986. His flourishing debut was made at age three when the Westphalian studbook approved him in Munster in 1988. A modest breeding career followed in which he produced 12 fillies and 7 colts. These descendants became great award winners. His son Valerios received the Westphalian breeding license, while 2 of his daughters became State Premium Mare, the highest title to be achieved by a horse from its breed association and state.

Volltreffer was mainly focused on dressage training instead of breeding, which resulted in him becoming a top notch dressage pony. At age six he achieved the team gold medal at the European Pony Championships. Volltreffer guarantees success either in sport or breeding. His perfect conformation, three elastic basic gaits, third level training and show experience and his brilliant character make him the perfect match for future breeders or FEI dressage riders.

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