Saddlebreds Get the Crowd Going

Whoops and hollers were heard from the stands as Saddlebred horses claimed the Dixon Oval.  Unlike their more stoic hunter horse counterparts, these horses thrive on energy and are known as the "peacocks of the show world."  Exhibitors clapped along to the organ music and cheered for these high stepping, tail flagging horses as they exhibited at not only the walk, trot, and canter but also two gaits specific to the breed-the "slow gait" and "rack."  

Champion in the three-gaited English show pleasure class was Kathleen Ververeli riding her own Go For Glory with second place going to Gone Platinum and third going to Ridgewood's Lasting Love.  In the three-gaited park horse amateur class, the blue was awarded to Allyson Ehle on Ryan's Wish with the red ribbon to Romantic Manifesto and the yellow ribbon to The Mansion. 

In the ladies' three-gaited class, Margaret Biggs bested the competition on her own Nutty By Nature.  Annika Bruggeworth settled for second on CH Callaway's Merry-Go-Round.  In the open three-gaited saddle horse class, first place went to Jan Lukens on Tia Margarita with SJ The Smart Lady and Revel taking second and third respectively.  

Then the five-gaited horses entered and riders were instructed to "let 'em rack!"  In the ladies' five-gaited class, Ceil Wheeler rode her own CH Callaway's Born For This to first place.  Coming in second was Helen Robertson with The Lady Sings the Blues.  Third place was awarded to Allyson Ehle riding Blazing Sevens.  First place in the five-gaited open class went to Ceil Wheeler again, this time riding The Mighty Moe.  Settling for second place was Jason Molback on Tornaado's Tempest.  And with that, the "shakey tails" exited the ring having suitably entertained the evening's crowds.