Sabine Shut-Kery Enjoying Her California Move

Widely-known on the East Coast for her wonderful exhibitions at Dressage at Devon with the Friesians of Proud Meadow Farms, Sabine Schut-Kery is gaining a name on the West Coast for her success in developing young Warmbloods.

She has three in training right now and they’re helping add to her collection of blue ribbons. At the recent Festival of the Horse in Burbank, California Schut-Kery and the Holsteiner stallion Cacique won their Third Level Test 3 with a score of 73.077 percent.

The eight-year-old stallion by Cambridge is owned by Alice Womble-Heitman owner of Horsegate Ranch, Hempstead, Texas. Schut-Kery said she’s known the horse since he was three. “He’s from Texas and he did very well in the Young Horse classes (with Elizabeth Poulin). The owners had always wanted to send him to be in training with me but thought that since I was working for Proud Meadows it was exclusive. That wasn’t the case, but they never approached me,” she said. “When I moved to California, they right away called and asked if I would take him. So, I did.”

Schut-Kery said Cacique is lots of fun. “He’s a stallion but he’s really nice and I really enjoy working with him because he’s not normally as a stallion can be. He’s very rideable and very trainable.”

Schut-Kery said she’s really enjoying the Warmbloods and hopes to have more in her barn. “Every breed has its good and bad points, but I think that the Warmbloods are really, really great.”

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It was with the Friesians of Proud Meadow Farms in Texas that Schut-Kery became widely known in the U.S. Not only did she garner success in the show ring with Baroque breeds, but her exhibitions, particularly those on Grand Prix Freestyle night at Dressage at Devon, are spectator favorites. Although most of her public outings are in the show ring these days, Schut-Kery enjoys the exhibitions and said she’d even like to do one again at Devon.


Long History With The Baroque Breeds

Schut-Kery left Texas in November 2005 and relocated to Thousand Oaks, California and she’s certainly been happy about the move. “I’m really enjoying my life. I don’t have to travel as much to compete because there’s a lot going on in California. And, I love the weather and the climate,” she said. “I really like it for the horses because it cools down at night. It’s not so tough on the horses like Texas was.”

And in her mind, the California weather is better for the Friesians. “When I lived in Texas, I competed in Florida and then in the summer I came here to California to compete and I just liked it. Florida is also tough on the horses with the heat. With the Friesians, it was always a challenge because I had to get out of Florida by March or the end of March. It was just too hot for them after that.”

Schut-Kery, a native of Germany, has a long history with Baroque breeds. She began competing them while still in Europe and in 1993, 1995 and 1997, she won the Dressage Cup for Baroque Horses at Equitana Europe. She moved to America in 1998 to work with Proud Meadow Farms and with Friesians earned her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.

Although she’s adding Warmbloods to her California stable, she still has Friesians and Andalusians in training. “I do still have them, but I’m making a change and getting more Warmbloods into training.”

Schut-Kery works with Sue Blinks, keeping keeps eight horses in training, and not another more. “That’s how I operate my business. I have only eight horses and I ride them all myself. I don’t work with an assistant trainer so it’s just me.” Her focused business approach seems to be working well because she has a waiting list. “And that’s always good.”