Rocky Mountain Jump Off Mini TV Series - Check It Out!!

RMSJ is pleased to announce the Rocky Mountain Jump Off, a mini TV Series aired weekly on Shaw Direct. The management of RMSJ is dedicated to the further development of the sport in many ways. The Rocky Mountain Jump Off is a weekly series that began airing a few months ago, and will continue throughout the summer months here at Anderson Ranch.

Each episode is about a 2 1/2 minute clip on a wide range of topics, and will air each week and run about 60 times each week. The purpose of the series is to provide continuing education to the public and increase the awareness of our great sport. It is our hope with this series to entice even more of Canada's youth to get involved with the sport and thereby develop yet another generation of riders for our country.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the folks at Shaw for their great work in the series, as well as all of the local personalities in our sport for their participation. Make sure you catch some of these episodes on shaw, or check our website HERE on our video pages from time to time for the updated links to each episode. We have shot 8 episodes thusfar, and are in the process of doing another 16.

Here are the episodes that have aired, thusfar....check them out!: (We will post the others as they air)

The Rocky Mountain Jump Off TV Series:

The Saddle Fitter (Lisa Duke)  The Blacksmith (Marshall Iles)
Indoor Show Jumping (Caroline Jones)  The Judge (Bobbie Reber)
The Groomer (Alissa McKinnon) Horse Show Prep (Kelly Hirsch) 

As always, please give us your feedback. At Rocky Mountain Show Jumping, we pride ourselves in doing things that include all of you, our supporters, so please, tell us what you think.