Robert Dover and Karin Reid Offield Call on Equestrians to Tune for Next Equestrian Star

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Robert Dover Hopes that the Search for America’s Next Star in Dressage is Only the First of Many Shows

In choosing who would win the right to be an assistant trainer with him, Robert Dover said he was looking for raw talent, not necessarily riders already competing at the upper levels. The end result of filming and post production are five episodes that Dover said will hopefully air this fall. He dreams of expanding his initial concept into future episodes that include the search for stars in several equestrian disciplines, although his personal choice for next program is a search for America’s cowboy and cowgirl.

“I have a dream and I will tell you right now what that is. I want to do The Search for America’s Next Equestrian Star finding the greatest young cowboy and cowgirl in America. That is as American as apple pie. I want to see them do the whole cowboy thing,” Dover said.

But the first step in creating those future shows is to get American horse owners and fans to watch the dressage episodes and to get the sponsors to back it. The sponsors are key to making the networks believe that horse programming is profitable.

Reid Offield has taken the lead in getting sponsors and she used her press conference time to issue a call for more. “We want more sponsors. And we’d also like sponsors that already have commercials built because there isn’t much lead time before this airs,” she said. “We also have a lot of interest in Europe. So this thing will go worldwide. Everyone in Europe is interested in what we are doing in America.”

Act Now!! Still Time for Sponsorship and Advertising

For farms and other equestrian-related business, the five episodes set to air will be a prime opportunity to reach into, hopefully, millions of American households, Dover said. Those interested in being sponsors are being asked to contact:
Gary L. Langstaff- 1919 LLC
O: 212.982.6400 - NY-CO: 212.202.1943 - CO- M: 646.537.5992

The rest of us need only tune in Friday, October 19 and every week at the same time for 5 weeks until November 16th for the grand finale.

“If horse people, whether it’s dressage people or jumper people, Arab people or anybody, will watch this show, I promise you that we will get more horse programming and we will produce more horse programming and we will step forward the way that golf has and tennis has to be a viable sport shown on television,” Dover said. “If riders and horse people do not watch it, then I also promise you that we will not see more horse-related programming on TV.”

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