On the Road to 2014 – The Halfway Mark!

With the London Olympics well behind us, all eyes are now turning to 2014. In Normandy, the emphasis is on initiatives that will get the whole region into the starting blocks. The focus is on getting the organisational side of things right and thereby guaranteeing the success of the equestrian world’s biggest event.
"The Normandie 2014 Organising committee is right on schedule with regards to its road map and benefits from the complete backing of its partners. Valérie Fourneyron, Minister for Sport, has also been to Caen to reaffirm the French state’s commitment to the project. We are all working to ensure that this major international event will live up to expectations and be able to really mobilise everyone in both Normandy and further afield. In addition, it should also provide long-term momentum in one of the finest horse countries in the world." Laurent Beauvais, President of Normandie 2014 Organising Committee.
"2012 was an important year in Normandy for the organisation. Significant progress has been made in expanding the Organising Committee's sports team as well as in the selection of service providers and in making accommodation arrangements. Further headway will be made in 2013 which will be a key year. There's a really close cooperation between the FEI and the Games' Organising Committee. Our teams are working in harmony and with great enthusiasm to ensure that the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy are the most successful of all time." Ingmar De Vos, FEI Secretary General

2012: The Foundations Were Laid
The sports team took shape, drawing on the experience of eight discipline managers, all working closely with officials at the Fédération Equestre Internationale. With only two years to go before the opening ceremony, the FEI validated the general organisation of the different competitions.  Work to the cross-country track at the Le Pin National Stud was also completed. Progress was made with regards to hospitality services for the public: 45,000 rooms were booked for accredited persons. Tourism professionals across the region became ready to provide the public with high-quality accommodation, at the very best prices. Four partners – Ouest-France, PMU, Equidia Life and Ekkia- also joined ranks with the public stakeholders. Their arrival brought added support and will help to extend the reach of the event in the future.

2013: Upping the Pace
The event is now gaining momentum. Over the coming year, the Organising Committee will be coordinating a number of different aspects at the same time: the sports and non-sports programmes, regional or territorial initiatives… A further 12 people will be joining the team during the first quarter, bringing the total number of employees up to 40 by March 2013. With all the key players and resources combined, everyone will have a role to play in the event.

Getting ready for an outstanding event: Endurance, eventing, driving and reining test trials will be staged at the competition venues this summer and autumn. The sports flooring service providers are currently testing footings. New recruits to the sports team will be on hand to welcome the many delegations that are expected in the year leading up to the event. The team will also be liaising with a veterinary coordinator and a freight forwarder to manage various sanitary aspects. All the different departments are involved in developing the layout design for the competition venues. The booking office for accredited persons will open from March 2013.

Prioritising openness: This will be a key year for promoting the event. Tickets will go on sale: pre-sales to equestrian circles followed by the general public, to partners, commercialisation of hospitality packages… Publicity and communication about the event will be stepped up and a whole host of activities planned in the region over the 15 days of competition will be unveiled. The set designer for the opening and closing ceremonies will also be chosen.

Working on transmission: In 2013, everyone will be called upon to work together on the final 15 months! Right from the beginning of this year, a local venture, the « territorial project », will launch a call for projects. The aim is to encourage the Norman people to come forward with initiatives that will be recognised and rewarded by a day’s participation at the event. The recruitment of 2,500 volunteer workers is another eagerly awaited moment in the region. Starting mid-2013, the volunteer programme will be open to those who wish to get involved in the sporting or cultural side of the event, or in a hospitality role. Businesses, large or small, will also be able to join in this collective effort through membership of a specific supporters club.

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About the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy
The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy mark the beginning of a whole succession of international sporting events in France: UEFA EURO 2016, the 2017 World Handball Championships and the 2018 Ryder Cup. Held every 4 years, alternating with the Olympic Games and under the authority of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI), the World Equestrian Games are the biggest equestrian event in the world. They will be held from 24 August to 7 September 2014.
The event brings together 8 official disciplines over a period of two weeks of competition: jumping, dressage, eventing, driving, reining, vaulting, endurance and para dressage. Over 60 nations and nearly 1000 athletes will come together to demonstrate equestrian competitions of the highest standard to the 500 000 visitors expected at the various sites.