R.I.P. Our Beloved Peanut

We lost our beloved Peanut yesterday and although he was a mini horse he was a giant influence in so many tiny rider's and large horse's lives.  Kelly McGhee brought Peanut into our lives and and his three children started riding on Peanut and another dozen tiny tots after them.  But his biggest role here at Dance Hall Farm was calming the big horses, teaching the Warmbloods that turnout was a time for grazing and rolling not running hysterically, and staying close to laid up horses keeping them relaxed so they could heal. He walked in and out of  the Lusitano's (Zerbino Interagro and Delicioso Interagro) stalls  finishing up any hay  they might have overlooked and before that  he was Jack's reining horse Dixie's constant companion.  His blue eyes and creme coat and his gentle manner will be missed.  He lived a very good life and despite cushings and founder lived comfortably into his very late 20's.  He will carry on in our hearts.