Right Spot™ Daily Active Far Infrared System is the Affordable Effective Way to Treat The Equine Athlete

Meet Cheri Hicks at the HorsesDaily.com RV and try the Right Spot™ Daily Active Far Infrared System this weekend at Dressage at Equestrian Estates

Horses have been pretty much the center of Cheri Hicks life. The native Australian has evented, done combined driving, trained in dressage, and worked on the winter circuit as an ambulance tech for HEART. Hick’s lifelong career with horses includes training and grooming with the best in the industry. So when Hicks stumbled upon a little known new affordable infrared heat therapy product (just $135 per pad) for horses on the market, the Right Spot™ Daily Active Far Infrared System, she packed her constant companion Zoop and visited the top grooms for McLain Ward, Karen O’Connor, Phillip Dutton.

Demonstrating the simple pad which produces infrared healing heat to muscles anywhere on horse to relieve stress and fatigue, the results were in many cases immediate, and the grooms were clamoring for more. “When I returned to the show grounds, Carrie Stanton, McLain Ward’s groom hunted me down to purchase more pads.” said Hicks.

Ward, who competes a string of jumpers, often does not get much warm up time between rounds. By putting the Right Spot™ Active Far Infrared System in strategically placed parts of the horse, the infrared heat is generated by a small battery attached to the pad radiating energy that penetrates deeply into the tissues to soften and relax muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Warm-up time is shortened; horses are more relaxed and can perform at a higher level. Watch the Video!

Emma Ford, Phillip Dutton’s groom tried it on Connaught one day before Dutton went for a school. He came back to the barn and asked her what she had done to his horse, because he had never felt to loose and supple. Max Corcoran, long time groom for Team O’Connor uses the product daily on Karen O’Connor’s Team hopeful Mandiba. And the list continues to grow. Watch the Video!

ShopHorsesDaily.com is proud to announce the latest collection of quality products, which are difficult to find. In our travels we meet many companies and the individuals who are behind them, people with a passion for horses like us. ShopHorsesDaily is excited to offer the Right Spot™ Daily Active Far Infrared System at an introductory price through April 15.


Carrie Stanton for Mclain Ward & Right Spot(tm) Active Far Infra-Red Therapy System


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