Riders Support The North American League

Harrisburg, PA—October 20, 2001—The North American League (NAL) has been around for only ten years, but in that short time has gained a membership of over one thousand. One reason is because of the extraordinary opportunities riders can experience. 
“I never would have dreamed of making it here,” said Laura Tison after winning the $2,500 NAL Adult Hunter Finals at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in October at Harrisburg. “This was our first try at the NAL and at Harrisburg. It has been very exciting.” 
McLain Ward, a top rider on the grand prix circuit, is the leader in the 2001 NAL Open Speed Point Standings and winner of this year’s NAL $25,000 Open Jumper Speed Finals. Ward supports the innovative program because of all it has to offer. “I think it’s a great program,” said Ward. “The speed classes are really popular with the crowd because they are exciting to watch.
People are also starting to keep a speed horse because of the money offered by the NAL.” Lloyd Longenecker, Administrator of the North American League, feels they are on the right track. “We are very happy with the progress and the growth of the North American League,” said Longenecker. “We are looking forward to a successful year in 2002.” 
The North American League (NAL) runs season long series in six hunter jumper divisions culminating with a championship final at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in October. The divisions include the Children’s Hunter, Children’s Jumper, Pony Jumper, Adult Hunter, Adult Jumper and the popular Open Jumper Speed.