Riders Salute the US Flag after Peters and Montango Win the Prix St. George CDI Dressage

The Prix St. George CDI also brought riders representing many western states and Canada as well to attempt to make the top nations top twelve to compete in the June Festival of Champions to be held in San Juan Capistrano this June. The Festival is usually held in Gladstone, New Jersey, which makes it extremely costly event for riders on this side of the country.

Riders in the West are supporting the CDIs greatly this season because they want to take advantage of the Festival being in California this year. For example, dressage judge and international rider Kim Yacobucci came from Arizona to compete in the Grand Prix, while Michael Osinki from Washington in order to compete Pablo his striking pinto gelding in the Prix St George CDI.

Canada’s 2006 NAYRC  gold medalist, Pia Fortmuller, and Big Blue joined the aspiring PSG CDI riders to compete under an impressive international jury including Lilo Fore (USA), Gabriel Armado (Argentina), Gotthilf (Germany), Anne Gribbons (USA) and Lorraine Stubbs (Canada).