Representing the 'High- and Low Tide' Arena Construction In America

Footing Solutions, is a new California based company, bringing the best German arena technology to the United States at a competitive price, offering the most innovative sand arena solutions available. Representing the 'High- and Low Tide' arena construction system with the water source below the surface, this German engineered invention is the premier all-weather riding arena. While nature delivers high and low tide to the beach, you can regulate the ebb and flow of water to your arena, creating continuous perfect moisture at every inch with the subterranean irrigation system.

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The most sophisticated competition facilities around the world have installed the unique 'High- and Low Tide' system. Combined with the superior footing products innoReit-tex® German custom geo-textile blends of polyester felt and elastic fibers tailored to your riding discipline and the Aqua-Maximizer, a hydrogel that absorbs up to 300% of its weight in water, effectively controlling dust and moisture for the indoor and outdoor arena, Footing Solutions brings Europe's proven and sophisticated technology mastered by experts in their field.

Working in conjunction with their German based Partners EHG, LGS Reitplatzbau and Dammann, a group of arena manufacturing industry leaders, Footing Solutions brings to America the knowledge and products to construct an arena with correct stability, spring, traction and drainage for all riding disciplines.

Ludger Beerbaum, 4 time Olympic medalist, multiple World Cup and European champion, and one of the best jumper in Germany for the past 20 years, is enjoying training and riding his horses on his High- and Low tide arena in Riesenbeck-Germany.

Ellen Schulten-Baumer, Germany, FEI World Cup Dressage Rider, also has the system installed at her stables, as well as many major competition arenas and training facilities throughout Europe, where footing quality is key to the development of world class equine athletes.

So whether you are considering a footing system for your arena or know of a competition facility currently being developed, contact Footing Solutions to explore the options now available inAmerica.

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Editor's note: When travelling through Holland looking at horses for sale a few years ago, we visited a barn with the most amazing technology. The water source for the arena was below the surface, providing consitent hydration with the finest quality footing. The German's have footing down to an absolute science, and now this system is available in America. MPH