Remembering Princess Diana

It was a happy day at the Palm Beach Polo Club, back in the mid 1980's (sorry can't remember the exact year) when a prince came to play polo, and brought his beautiful princess.

I had been cleared for press credentials, and after a large German shepherd with a secret serviceman as his handler sniffed my camera bag, I took my place in the designated area for the press.

A large Rolls Royce pulled onto the field, and out stepped the newly married Princess Diana, looking casual and relaxed in her surroundings. The stands were packed, and the entire backfield was filled with children who had not only gotten the day off from school, but free tickets to the polo match. Showing genuine delight with their cheers and applause, Diana returned their greetings with a warm long wave.

As I wandered to the backstretch where Prince Charles took a break between chukkas with his team, a group of women serenaded him with "Happy Birthday" which he had celebrated the previous day. He stood up, and gave a gallant bow graciously acknowledging their attention.

On this day July 1, Princess Diana would have been 40 years old. News of this fact reminded me of that happy day, and the photos I had filed away.