Relive the 2004 Olympics Through Maureen Crump's Eyes

"Attending the Olympics was a fabulous global experience and I hope everyone gets to go to one Olympics," Maureen Crump wrote for "It was obvious how hard the Greek people worked to put on the games and I am so happy that against all odds they have succeeded--big gold medal for Greece!!!"

Maureen Crump, aka Centerline of, has been jotting down her personal impressions of the 2004 Olympic Ganes in Athens in a journal, which has been published on

Having witnessed the exciting dressage battle at the Markopoulou Equestrian Centre, where Anky van Grunsven won her second individual gold and Germany once again team gold, Crump looked back on the event with joy and rekindled respect for dressage:

"I think it is so important that our sport is included in the Olympics. I feel it brings great prestige to the sport and helps us see ourselves in the greater context as athletes. I think relating to the greater pool of all athletes gives us benefits in terms of ideas for training, coaching, problem-solving, sports medicine, and organization. Also there is the fact of being a member of the Olympic Movement and its global possibilities that I believe is one of the intangible benefits."

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