Recent Equine Lawsuits and How They Affect Horse Professionals - Free Webinar!

On November 14th 2011 Equestrian will continue its popular horse business seminar series with “A Look at Recent Equine Lawsuits and How They Affect Horse Professionals.” The seminar will feature equine law expert, Julie I. Fershtman as she discusses recent equine related court cases and the possible legal ramifications these cases could create for the entire industry. Listeners will learn how these cases could have far-reaching consequences with their everyday business transactions.  This information will be of vital importance to all horse professionals.

One of the lawsuits that will be discussed is the outcome of the Eriksson vs. Nunnink case in which the parents brought charges of negligence against the trainer after their daughter was fatally injured at an event. Ms. Fershtman will also examine a lawsuit that involved stableman’s lien laws. Forty nine states have laws that outline the rights and duties of lien holders within the equine industry. She will discuss a recent case where the horse owners brought suit against the stable owners who attempted to enforce a lien.

This webinar will cover important cases that could have implications throughout the equine industry on how future cases are decided.

Be sure to sign up early! This seminar is free to all horse professionals but you must register to attend. You can learn more Here!

The Open Session will be followed by a special session for members of Equestrian entitled, “Horse Business Exposures – How to Better Protect Yourself,”  led by Ms. Fershtman.

Every equestrian business owner must deal with the exposures that are typical to the equine world. Dealing with the public, animals that have free will, inherent risks with the sport, and circumstances outside direct control are just a few of the everyday workings of the equine business. 

These issues bring the horse professional in contact with customers, employees, vendors, care, custody and control issues, and a whole host of concerns regarding their business. 
Ms. Fershtman will discuss these exposures and will share information regarding steps that can be taken to limit or reduce the business risks faced by horse business professionals.

About The Speaker
Julie I. Fershtman is one of the most experienced and accomplished Equine Law practitioners in the nation. Crossing virtually all equine breeds and disciplines, her law practice serves a clientele of stables, industry professionals, associations, businesses, show management, insurance companies, trainers, equestrian athletes including Olympic short-list riders, "celebrity clinicians," and individual horse owners from across the United States. She is highly experienced in handling a wide variety of disputes frequently encountered in the horse industry, including personal injury, business conflicts, partnership disputes, sales disputes, and many others. Her expertise in contract drafting helps her clients avoid later disputes.

Ms. Fershtman is the author of three books: (1) Equine Law & Horse Sense (1996); (2) MORE Equine Law & Horse Sense (2000); and (3) Litigating Animal Law Disputes: A Complete Guide for Lawyers (2009). The third book was published by the American Bar Association. She also has a new blog and is the nation's most sought after speaker on Equine Law.
About Equestrian
Equestrian provides horse business education, resources and support to horse professionals around the globe. The site offers a wide array of programs, tools and information to help horse trainers, riding instructors, breeders, stable operators and professional riders run profitable businesses and build successful equestrian careers.

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