Rath Rakes In Second Trophy at 2011 CDI Munich

Matthias Rath and Totilas raked in their second trophy of the week by winning the CDI 3-star Grand Prix Special at the 2011 CDI Munich on Friday 3 June 2011. Their highly anticipated show debut in the Grand Prix yesterday drew approximately 8,000 people to the show. Fortunately the Special was much less crowded and it became obvious that a big burden was lifted from Rath's shoulders. Their Special ride was much better, even though impeccable fine tuning is still a far cry from home. Both in the halt at entry and the end halt Totilas came behind the vertical. The first trot extension had much front leg but little overtrack and this repeated itself quite a few times. The passage on the track was absolutely superior to that shown in the Grand Prix.


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