The Radnor Hunt International Three-Day Event Pet Parade

Trooper Phelps/Hathaway Wins Second Place in the Large "Cutest Puppy" Division

The annual Radnor Hunt Event Pet Parade draws many entries in several categories, but one of the largest classes was the "Cutest Puppy" division. We took time off from our reporting and photographic duties to enter the newest member of the HorsesDaily Team, public relations intern, Trooper.

It was tough walking around the arena as hoards of children would swarm onto the field to cuddle and pet the puppies in competition. The judges were having a difficult time, as it took forever to decide the class. At last they began announcing the placings. As we got closer to the top three, our corgi Trooper's name was called for second place. Sponsored by Braxton Animal Works, The Frazier Zoo, and Pat Reeser, there were prizes for everyone. Second place yielded enough goodies and treats for Trooper to share with his Nanny, Gizmo, and neighboring canines in our campsite on grounds with the eventing competitors.

After collecting his prizes, Trooper returned to the comfort of the HorsesDaily camper for a long nap. Posed on the Radnor Fox, which was part of the cross country jumping course, Trooper performed his obligatory modeling duties, for his press release.

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