Proud Trainer Richard White Celebrates Wins Hindle and Runner up Positions Zu Sayn Wittgenstein

Emma Hindle and her Olympic stallion Lancet have celebrated the wins of both Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle. Despite a small mistake in the two tempi changes in Grand Prix the win was Hindle’s and a very well moving Lancet. The runner up position was taken by Emma Hindle’s good friend Princess Nathalie zu Sayn Wittgenstein and her own bred Rigoletto. “This will make our trainer Richard White the proudest of all!”, Emma Hindle said.

Emma Hindle rode her new Freestyle at Sunday night. The Biebricht castle in the background of the arena was a wonderful fairy tail like setting for the new Freestyle. Emma said: “Lancet was great. Unfortunately I only myself made a small mistake, however I feel great being able to show here at this wonderful CDI where I only dreamt of as a child. And now I am in the middle of this great audience at this wonderful show myself!”.

Again Nathalie zu Sayn Wittgenstein became the runner up.

Emma Hindle now relies on Richard White, the husband of Kyra Kyrklund. She has had great teachers in the past too. She started riding at the age of five at her aunt’s stables. Emma went to train with top international dressage judge, trainer and rider Stephen Clarke aged 12 and then made the bold move to train abroad with another top dressage rider and trainer Kyra Kyrklund, who was based at the Flyinge Stud in Sweden at the time, when she was 18.

When Kyra moved to Britain in 1993, Emma went to Germany to train with one of Holland’s top riders and trainers, Ellen Bontje and during her time in Germany she has also trained with Jurgen Koschel. Emma is still based in Germany and in 2004, she moved to Andreas Müller’s Rollehuf near Frankfurt, where she runs Brookhouse Stud with her partner Thomas Hoffmann. Brookhouse Stud has this year celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

Emma proudly says: “In the last 10 years we have tried to join the elite sport incorporating breeding. Brookhouse Stud has become synonymous with excellence in both categories.

Everything started with Wie Weltmeyer 10 years ago and our Sydney Olympic Games dreams. Lancet has taken our hopes and that of Britain to fourth place in the Grand Prix in the Beijing Olympics. As Diamond Hit, Chequille and Fürstenreich have all reached Grand Prix level now they will be biting at Lancet’s heels this year for their team place!”

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