Proposed New State of the Art Arena for The Kentucky Horse Park In Time For the 2010 Kentucky World Equestrian Games

Spurred by the decision of the FEI (Federation Equestrian Internationale) naming the Kentucky Horse Park as the host of the 2010 World Equestrian Games, Kentucky Governor Ernie Flethcer announced he would include money for a $35 million indoor arena in the budget proposal that he will give to the 2006 General Assembly. The arena which will seat about 6,000 will be in addition to a temporary outdoor stadium for about 30,000 people, which will accommodate up to 300,000 ticket holders expected to attend the 2010 Kentucky World Equestrian Games over a period of 14 days.

The proposed state of the art arena, will be the finest indoor arena dedicated to equestrian sport. The Kentucky Horse Park already fully booked with equestrian events will provide the resources for the arena to more than pay for itself beyond the 2010 WEG, and continue to attract a national and world audiences for future events.

For the first time in the history of the World Equestrian Games, the 1,200-acre horse park will allow all seven events to be contested at one site.

The 70-acre pastoral setting of the Kentucky Horse Park is the venue for the new "World Class" Equestrian Indoor Arena. The design focus of the distinctive premier equestrian facility is the "Horse." The Arena is completely conditioned for the comfort and benefit of the "Horse," rider, and spectator. The Arena encompasses the amenities necessary for all types of equestrian events. The Arena event floor size is 135' x 300', with attached warm-up & staging areas, and adjacent stable area to allow for convenient and safe event access. Service, access and support facilities will be provided to enhance the competition and spectator experience. The site is arranged to separate spectator and horse related functions and services, for the ease and access of spectators and safety for the horses.

The Arena will provide for 5,700 fixed chair back stadium seats, along with 100 specialty seats all with clear unobstructed views. Facilities for closed circuit and broadcast television will be accommodated. Lighting, electrical, and computer services will be provided for press and broadcasting of the related events. Amenities will include catered food services, concessions, varied exhibition areas for specialty meeting and convention spaces. Convenient accessible restrooms, observation views, spacious gathering areas, and proper appointments will be provided to celebrate the "Horse" in Kentucky. The multipurpose facility will also be an excellent venue for small concerts, trade shows, conventions and other events.

A visitor to the Kentucky Horse Park Equestrian Indoor Arena will experience the unique history and tradition of Equestrian Competition.

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