Prix du Grand Palais-A Victory in Hermès

French victory with Julien Epaillard in the Prix du Grand Palais, a class in two phases. The time was only counted on the last four obstacles of the course and it’s in this final part that the Norman rider had to take a few risks.

Mister Davier is the same horse that Julien Epaillard is going to ride on Sunday in the Grand Prix. It’s always quite daring to speed on the very first day. The pace can get to the horse’s head: “He’s just getting out of a break and thus he hasn’t been jumping since Vigo in February. I therefore don’t estimate him to be 100% ready for the Grand Prix and I told myself that I could try to win today. On top of that, the phase against the clock concerned but the last four obstacles with a single acceleration phase, so I don’t think I will lose so much in terms of control.”

Julien is one of the first riders to have experimented the Talaris saddle, the latest creation of the Hermès Saddle Workshops. This victory’s secret? “It definitely is a very flexible saddle with a carbon saddle tree. It adapts to the horse’s back as this saddle has been custom made for Mister Davier. The Hermès saddle makers came to my house, mainly to adapt the foam pannels to the shape of my horse. Today, we pay a lot more attention to the comfort of the horse as well as the rider’s.” No wonder Mister Davier was so at ease in the Grand Palais this afternoon!

Completed results: