Premier Equestrian Partners with OTTO Sport International’s Leading Mat System

Premier Equestrian has become the North American distributor of the OTTO Sport Perforated Mat System (Photo: courtesy of OTTO Sport)
Premier Equestrian has become the North American distributor of the OTTO Sport Perforated Mat System (Photo: courtesy of OTTO Sport)

Sandy, UT - For over a decade, Premier Equestrian has been the leading manufacturer of equestrian arena products - especially in its lines of premier dressage arenas, expert footing, and revolutionized horse jumps. Now, Premier Equestrian is bringing one of Europe’s most popular and high-quality arena base mat systems to North America through an agreement with the German company OTTO Sport und Reitplatz GMBH, which is a world leader in mat technology. OTTO Sport has chosen Premier Equestrian as the North American distributor of the OTTO Sport Perforated Mat System. This partnership marks the next step in Premier Equestrian’s development as a full-service footing and arena company.

“This is a great honor for us to be associated with OTTO Sport.” Says Mark Neihart, CEO of Premier Equestrian. “OTTO produces the highest quality arena base mat systems in the world. To be chosen to represent them in North America speaks loudly about the quality Premier Equestrian offers to the equestrian market.”

There are over 5,000 installations of the OTTO Sport arena system worldwide. Some of the most prestigious competition and training arenas in the world use this revolutionary mat system under their footing. Many of the world’s top equestrians - including owners, trainers, professionals, and amateur riders - are familiar with the benefits of the OTTO Sport Perforated Mat system. The system’s main benefits include water management, footing stability, and relief from concussive forces as the horse moves on various arena or paddock footing. A study by the German Association for Technical Inspection showed that the OTTO Sport system provides up to forty percent concussion absorption. Its unique design helps protect equine joints and tendons, which could otherwise experience damage and pain after exercising on surfaces without the mat.

Made from recycled synthetic materials, the OTTO Sport Perforated Mat acts as a separation layer between the substructure of clean washed stone and the chosen footing. The mat system helps manage water retention and drainage, and also provides stability of the footing. Horses that exercise on the OTTO system are at less risk of slipping and falling than they would be without it. The mat features drainage holes allowing water to drain off quickly after inclement weather - so muddy arenas are minimized. Its water retention cups act to keep the footing hydrated. This helps the footing to stay at the manageable consistency; thus, riders can get back to riding after a rain as soon as possible.

Premier Equestrian is committed to only selling products that are exemplary in safety and practicality to help preserve the well-being of the horse. The company is known for offering the finest footing additives and base construction systems along with exemplary customer service. Premier offers education to the consumer who wants to learn more about types of footing and biomechanics of the horse. The addition of OTTO Sport Perforated Mat to Premier’s already deep line of high-quality products, such as GGT footing (which is a mixture of synthetic felt and polyester fibers with sand that helps provide cushioning, traction, and shear support), means that Premier Equestrian can supply everything equestrians need to achieve the ideal arena. Premier Equestrian is equipped to be THE company to design your top-of-the-line equestrian arena. Learn more about Premier, the revolutionary OTTO Sport Perforated Mat system, GGT footing, and other products by calling (800) 611-6109 or visiting