Practice, Practice, Practice

The “Rider” (oops Ryder) Cup Experience

Our part in the ceremony lasted a total of five minutes. However, you would not believe all the time and work it took to pull this off. During our first practice in July at the Kentucky Horse Park we met Ted Przybocki and learned what was expected from us. His vision was to have three horses representing Team USA, and three representing Team Europe enter from opposite sides of the grandstand area, meet in the middle and walk in pairs to the podium, escorting the prestigious trophy: The Ryder Cup. We would follow a 400 piece marching band playing the Ryder Cup theme. It’s really great music, and we all thought it would be fun music for a freestyle.

Because safety was of utmost importance to Ted, we were scheduled to practice with the UK band to accustom our horses to loud music, shiny instruments and waves of marching people. We met on a Wednesday afternoon at 5:00 p.m., on Stoll Field between UK’s student center and Singletary Center. Finding parking for four horses during rush hour was a feat in itself! Surprisingly, the horses did well. The only thing that really bothered them was the movement of the shiny tubas.

The actual ceremony was on Thursday September 16 at Valhalla golf Course in Louisville. The horses were to arrive on the Monday before so they could get use to their surroundings.

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