Potential Rule Changes to FEI Driving

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Combined Driving is an ever evolving sport, as a sport that is always trying to better itself, there has been a proposal to change some rules around. Though these rules are likely to go through they are not approved as of yet! We will be informed when they pass and if any rules do not pass.

Here are a few of the rules looking to be changed and added:

  • Art 901.10 combined marathon is allowed in CAI2*
  • Art 913 It is possible to become a 3 Athlete at 2* events ( Athletes who have successfully completed two CAI2* (format 1, 2 or 3 only) without Elimination, Retirement or Disqualification
  • Art 916 It is no longer possible to declare more horses than an athlete is allowed to bring upon the definite entries
  • Art 940.1.1.2 Ear hoods and plugs are permitted. Ear hoods may not be attached to the noseband and must allow free movement of the ears of the Horse.
  • Art 943 An athlete may only compete once at a CAI3* WCQ
  • Art 943 A groom may only act as a groom once at a CAI3* WCQ
  • Art 961.3.3.2 and 965.3.3.2 After the finish line of each obstacle a 30 m sign must be established. Grooms must get back on the carriage immediately (between the finish line of each obstacle and the 30 meter sign.
  • Art 961.5.5.4 The number of dislodgeable/detachable elements must not exceed 24 in total
  • Art 964.6.6.3 an Athlete is allowed to stop to carry out necessary repairs to the harness or carriage without penalty as long as he stops within the signed 30 metres after leaving the last obstacle
  • Art 973.1.1.6 A maximum of five oxers are allowed in a Cones course.Art 991 For CAI1*, and CAI2*, CAI3* and CAIOs Events, the appointment of an Appeal Committee is optional

See the full propsal here